Tuesday, 11th May 2021
Authors Posts by Raini Hamdi

Raini Hamdi


Why new Taj CEO reverts to multi-brands, is relaunching Ginger

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) will be relaunching its budget brand, Ginger, in the next few weeks, a move that follows its switchback...

Rouble rouble toil and trouble

The impact will be far-reaching. Industry members who adopt a “it is not my problem because I don’t do Russia” may want to think...

Decoding a coup

Clearly, there’s a wide gap between how Thai sellers and buyers perceive a military intervention in Thailand. The former sees it as a measure...

Don’t remind me of your crisis

Every other day since November, I have been receiving ‘Bangkok Demonstrations’ update from Bangkok-based DMC Destination Asia and regular ‘Situation Update: Thailand Political Developments’...

Travellers care less about budgets than experiences: Visa survey

BUDGETS have become less important to travellers, who now care more for the types of attractions, quality of scenery and rich cultural experiences that...

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