Discover Chinatown with the return of Singapore’s Five Footway Festival

The Five Footway Festival is returning to Singapore from March 9 to 17 with a host of fun and exciting activities for visitors of all ages at various locations in Chinatown.

Gain a deeper understanding on the way of life, values, and traditions of the country’s forefathers in Chinatown, and how the lives of early immigrants were centred at the Five Footway across trades, clan activities, cultural, arts and entertainment activities and beyond.

Experience the Kirin Dance Performance during Singapore’s Five Footway Festival in Chinatown

Visitors to the festival can also register for the walking trail, Conserved Buildings in Chinatown, to learn about the conservation of heritage buildings in Singapore, the history behind some of the oldest buildings in Chinatown and the activities that used to line the Five Footways.

Other highlights include folktale-telling at Joss Stick Storytelling; a Hokkien Puppet Show, Kirin Dance Performance; and the Tan Ah Huat theatrical walking tour that tells the tale of Chinatown back in the early days of Singapore through the eyes of a Chinese immigrant from the 1920s. This tour comprises cultural theatre acts across Cantonese opera, Teochew opera and Peking opera performances, and more.

The festival will also provide visitors with opportunities to pick up some of these traditional skills through various workshops and classes.

Discover the rich heritage of Hakka culture with Hakka Imperial Kitchen – learn to make a traditional omelette toast, attend the Traditional Wedding Talk, and marvel as an expert cooks up Hainanese dishes.

Visitors to the Five Footway Festival, especially families with children, can enjoy childhood games together at Pagoda Street with the nostalgic can and ring toss, hoop wheeling, zero point, and snakes and ladders. They can also munch on the much-loved traditional Singaporean snacks and biscuits, and meet-and-greet with stilt-walking Samsui women and khaki shorts policemen. Other interesting activities include movie screenings, dragon dances, wushu and many more.

Admission to the Five Footway Festival is free.

For more information, visit Five Footway Festival.

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