TA Network, TourMind China join forces to expand distribution channels

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) is partnering with China’s leading B2B wholesaler, TourMind China (TMC), to ensure real-time B2B distribution connectivity for all TA Network ecosystem partners.

Specialising in innovative Hotel API solutions, TMC offers an extensive array of hotel resources, a commitment to exceptional customer service and a team of seasoned professionals.

The collaboration will help TourMind China connect with the global market; Great Wall of China, pictured

TMC CEO and founder Karma Yang emphasised that this collaboration with TA Network is aimed at leveraging their extensive network and expertise in connecting with the global market: “This partnership marks a pivotal step for TMC in expanding distribution channels and enhancing brand visibility. An immediate benefit is the heightened exposure and visibility TourMind will gain as awareness of our brand spreads among enterprises in the hotel sector.”

“This strategic partnership not only opens new avenues for service offerings but also facilitates reaching a broader audience, establishing a robust presence in the international travel space,” added Jean Hsieh, regional director – ecosystem & partnerships, TA Network.

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