Tour Shikoku on foot with Walk Japan

Walk Japan’s latest immersive walking tour – the Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery – visits the bucolic Kochi and Ehime Prefectures of western Shikoku.

The fully-guided, seven-day tour will explore two of Japan’s most beautiful but remotest prefectures. It includes visits to Chikurin-ji, the 31st Ohenro temple; mountain town, Yusuhara; and Ozu, a castle town featuring Garyu Sanso, a Japanese masterpiece of garden, villa and teahouse; and local culinary delicacies.

Discover Kochi and Ehime with Walk Japan’s new tour

Prices start from 400,000 yen (US$2,663) based on double occupancy.

For more information, visit Walk Japan.

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