Travelport improves retail experience with new solution

Travelport recently launched Smartpoint Cloud on Travelport+ which delivers a more intuitive and efficient way for travel agents to sell and service travel, all while increasing sales of higher-value services for suppliers.

Through Smartpoint Cloud, agents will be able to easily search, filter, find and create tailored packages to suit every customer type, including fully customisable hotel and flight search options and NDC offers.

Smartpoint Cloud will enable agents to search, filter, find and create tailored packages to suit every customer type

“Travel agents are the true retailers of our industry, and launching Smartpoint Cloud on Travelport+ will help our partners to deliver more value to both their clients and suppliers,” said Tom Kershaw, chief product & technology officer at Travelport. “Like any good tech innovation, these tools are simple to use and tackle key challenges faced by the travel advisor community. Smartpoint Cloud will further personalise agent workflows, help drive more revenue, and most importantly, impress customers.”

Built with the insight that agencies need to train and onboard new agents, the graphical user interface on Travelport+ is designed to provide a more user-friendly, simpler experience that speeds up agent workflow. Agents who prefer to work in a traditional (cryptic) interface have the flexibility to do so.

Smartpoint Cloud’s retailing storefront helps agents understand offers and make more informed decisions within the robust offerings of air, hotel, car, and rail content available. It provides better criteria to allow easy comparisons from any source, including both NDC and traditional air content side by side.

It also helps provide more transparency on offers, enabling agents to have the relevant information for comparison shopping at their fingertips. Additionally, the newly expanded Trip Quote capabilities integrate both GDS and NDC offers, enabling agents to present more customised choices and better service, while offering travellers the ability to more easily compare prices.

Smartpoint Cloud also enhances exchange capabilities to automate the calculation of accurate exchange costs and reduce errors.

As Smartpoint Cloud equips agents with new tools that enable them to better understand the details of an offer, suppliers can expect to boost their sales by seamlessly showcasing their top brands and best products to their target customers.

Supplier content is organised and promoted through concise and user-friendly matrix displays that enable effortless comparison of content from various sources, such as NDC and traditional airline content. The attribute-enhanced searches, that show agents exactly what is included, help agents to become better retailers and upsell travellers with options that are most important to them. Smartpoint Cloud also makes it easier for agents to service trips and manage exchanges independently.

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