G Adventures unveils forecast of top 10 travel trends

G Adventures has released its predictions of the top 10 travel trends for 2022, which looks to be a more purposeful and intentional travel year.

The forecast is based on two surveys of more than 4,500 travellers who make up the tour operator’s global consumer panel, of which two thirds are former travellers. Surveys used are from July and October, 2021.

Majority of travellers deem travel as important to their wellbeing and mental health, finds survey

1: Community tourism = responsible travel
Close to a third of respondents said they will put more focus on travelling responsibly in 2022. Travellers are looking for adventures that move through several smaller communities which they can do on a walking trek as it supports many local people as they explore their region.

2: Travellers care more about supporting local people
Coming in well ahead of carbon footprint and plastic reduction, travellers want their money to directly benefit local people. At 66 per cent globally, this trend was intensified by the pandemic’s impact on countries that rely on tourism for economic survival.

3: Workations increasing in popularity
No longer just for digital nomads, workations have hit the mainstream. Of its panel respondents, 24 per cent said they are able to work from anywhere – with that number jumping to 46 per cent for 18-34 year olds. An increasing number of people (37 per cent up from 19 per cent in December 2020) plan to combine work with future travel.

4: Hostels set to make a big comeback
The need for social connection among young travellers is stronger than ever with 63 per cent of respondents aged 18-34 saying they are likely to try a hostel experience after the pandemic. Meeting people to socialise and possibly travel with was the most important factor going into selecting which hostel for 71 per cent of panelists.

5: Desire to disconnect from devices
Workationers aside, travellers want to reconnect with people and places but are desperate to disconnect from the online world while on holiday. Some 54 per cent of respondents want to pause social media and reduce screen time, with 28 per cent saying socialising and meeting new people is their top wellbeing priority for booking their next holiday.

6: Having a bit more cash to splash
With staying in spurring a savings boom, 18 per cent of respondents said they have bumped their travel budget for an international holiday. That surplus likely means their travel dollars will take them on bigger adventures than they might have thought possible.

7: Nay to staycations, yay to remote destinations
Domestic holiday appeal is wearing thin as the pandemic rolls ever onward. Only 18 per cent of respondents said they would prefer to stay closer to home rather than head further afield on their next international holiday. Close to a third (30 per cent) said they are less likely to take a staycation in 2022.

8: Lockdown lethargy spurs active lifestyles
Being physically active on their next holiday came in strong at 70 per cent, with 64 per cent of travellers saying their physical and mental wellbeing is a top consideration for their next holiday.

9: Wellbeing and mental health come first
With an overwhelming 95 per cent of travellers saying travel is important to their wellbeing and mental health, many are looking for a holiday that helps them to reconnect and optimises travel as a means to revitalise.

10: Revenge travel is out, reconnection travel is in
Travellers are hungry for new experiences and stronger connections with others. Although the term ‘revenge travel’ gained popularity over the course of the pandemic, reconnection travel now sits at 42 per cent compared to revenge travel at 14 per cent.

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