SLH curates new collection of sustainable hotels

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has launched the Considerate Collection, a community of actively sustainable luxury hotels “going the extra eco-mile”.

The collection debuts with 26 hotels in 16 countries, with seven in the Asia-Pacific region, including the biodiversity-promoting Keemala in Thailand and the culture-preserving Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan.

Keemala in Phuket, Thailand is among 26 properties under SLH’s new Considerate Collection

According to SLH, all 26 properties meet the highest criteria in sustainability, based on a framework created by the “most respectable” sustainable travel and luxury hospitality players, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and Greenview.

Criteria for the Considerate Collection align with the GSTC criteria across three key pillars, ensuring all the hotels are community minded, cultural custodians and environmentally conscious. These pillars are all underpinned by a strong sustainability management system.

Each hotel within the Considerate Collection either has been certified by a GSTC accredited certification body or certified to a GSTC recognised standard, or has passed an assessment by the SLH Sustainability Advisory Panel with review by the GSTC.

Daniel Luddington, vice president of development, SLH, said: “We’ve carefully curated the Considerate Collection to spotlight luxury boutique hotels exemplary in their sustainability efforts, making it easier for customers and the travel trade to make better-considered choices.

“Staying in small, independent hotels goes hand-in-hand with travelling sustainably and all SLH hotels are already steeped in the many facets of sustainable hospitality, so we haven’t had to look far outside of our portfolio for the launch collection.”

He added: “This is not about creating a new brand, but rather building on the strong brand values that have existed within SLH since inception – independent spirits, community-centric, questioners, storytellers and the ultimate belief that small is beautiful and a better way to travel.”

SLH hotels under the Considerate Collection are featured within a specific section on the website – The hotel pages are also stamped with a sage leaf and include dedicated content outlining their notable sustainability initiatives.

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