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Government meetings move beyond New Delhi
Rohit Kaul, reporting from IT&CM India, New Delhi, August 21, 2014

THE Indian government is making an effort to take its major meetings and conferences outside the national capital of New Delhi in order to give other India cities a chance to shine.


A source in India’s Ministry of External Affairs told TTGmice e-Weekly that prime minister Narendra Modi is keen to hold the government’s high-profile bilateral, multilateral, and centre-state meetings in other destinations.


The annual Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas organised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for non-resident nationals will take place next January in Ahmedabad as compared to New Delhi this year.


Modi’s first summit dialogue with Russian president Vladimir Putin will also be held outside New Delhi, though the destination has not yet been confirmed.


The third India-Africa Forum Summit, running from December 1-4, has likewise been shifted from New Delhi to the adjoining city of Gurgaon.


“The profile of a city is enhanced when a government event takes place there. This will give a good exposure to other smaller Indian cities like Pune for hosting meetings," commented Monamita Sarkar, managing director, KW Conferences.


MK Ajit Kumar, president & CEO of Global Conference Management Group Chennai, said: "The government should also consider hosting its meetings in Tier Two cities which may not have the infrastructure for hosting large meetings and conferences but can host smaller ones. This will result in hotels investing in those cities and overall improving economy of such cities.”

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