Monday . April 23 . 2018
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In Asia, Netherlands sees strongest demand from India
S Puvaneswary, Kuala Lumpur, November 25, 2016

India has shown strong growth to the Netherlands this year and is projected to end the year with a 30 per cent increase in arrivals as compared to 2015, which saw 101,000 Indian visitors.


According to Carola van Rijn, project manager at The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, the increase is mainly due to Jet Airways establishing Amsterdam as its European gateway since March.



In terms of percentage growth, Indonesia comes second in Asia and is projected to end the year with a 20 per cent increase from the year before. In 2015, arrivals from Indonesia totalled 47,000.


Beyond arrival numbers, Rijn also hopes to increase the average stay duration of its Asian tourists. 


She said: “To further increase the length of stay of longhaul arrivals, which currently stands at four days for Chinese visitors and three days for Indonesians and Malaysians, we are promoting destinations beyond Amsterdam. These include destinations such as Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam.”


The NTO has also developed several campaigns centred around famous Dutch themes, such as waterways and flowers, in collaboration with local operators, to inspire tourists to step off the beaten track and discover new places.

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